Help for Haiti

I don’t need to rehash any horrible details related to the events in Haiti this week. It has torn my heart out to think that just weeks ago I made wonderful friends and gained incredible inspiration from this country and people who are now collectively fighting for their lives. 


In talking with those most informed about the situation in Haiti, the most pressing needs now are now saving lives, clean water, food, and large scale emergency funding before reconstruction can begin.  These are the areas that we as individuals cannot tackle in the short term, but since the Mona Foundation has several projects it supports in Haiti it is a trusted foundation. We have been able to set up a special fund called "Haiti Disaster & Reconstruction Fund”, collect funds and funnel them directly (100%) to an already established and experienced relief agency in Haiti.   The link to make donations to that fund is below.   


In the short term, Mona Foundation will work with agencies such as Red Cross, Food for the Poor, and Doctors without Borders to support their efforts in providing emergency care such as clean water, food and medical care.    For the long run, we will also work with Anis Zunuzi School Administrative Committee to assess the needs of the schools we already support (Zunuzi School, George Marcellus, Zunuzi Annex for street children, and New Horizon) and other schools in the area and support reconstruction of these schools as the process of reconstruction begins and as our capacity may allow.


If you are so inclined, please feel free to pass this note and the link on to your network, and if you blog, tweet, or do anything else online that would be an awesome contribution to getting the word out.


On a much happier note, we just received word that the administrators and children of the schools that Mona Foundation supports – including one that is right in Port au Prince – the Anis Zunuzi school – all that I personally visiteda few months ago, are fine.  This is the first information we have received that is a great relief to us all.


In advance, thank you for whatever you can do.  Let me know if you have any questions at all. 








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